Thank You, Savior

A friend sent me a link to a James Altucher blog the other day about self-sabotage…more about how to overcome it. I am one of those people who seems to get caught up in doing that. I swipe the mosquitos of my errors for far too long, pick myself till I bleed and regress into myself. I imagine some of you are like that too.

One of the biys from the article I read was about setting 4 goals a day. If I’m honest with myself, even on my bad days I can manage getting things done. But I never feel, or rarely at least, a ‘sense’ of accomplishment.

So, yesterday, I set in motion plans to try to correct that. My wonderful wife set me up with a desk in our bedroom so that I wouldn’t be in the middle of it all and wouldn’t wake the baby with business calls. I also signed up for Weight Watchers so that I could treat my body better. I’m getting close to 30 and heart disease runs in my family.

Today, I logged my points and accomplished getting two major projects done. All said, I accomplished three large things (for me). I also did the dishes and the laundry (despite having done the latter improperly and my wife having to redo them… I will consider it an accomplishment, as well).

Katie is sick, I’m getting over a cold, the baby is sick, but we’re okay. Jesus gives us these ‘accomplishments’ in his grace, and I don’t thank him, or those that help me daily enough.

Here is where I depart from Altucher. On these days when God in his wisdom has blessed me, I will thank him, and remember that he can do anything with a jar of clay. Even help him get for things checked off his list for the day, knowing full-well that this man is but dust.

And why couldn’t he? He’s already created the world, sustains it daily, died and rose from the dead for me, and rules all things for Christians.

Yes, his four are bigger than mine. But that’s why he’s God, and I’m thankful today.

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