Rejoice in the Lord Always

I’m thankful as this year closes for having the opportunity to work with some inspiring people. First on that list is Susan Acuna from Literacy Council. Through her leadership, the Council has become the largest in the US, perhaps even the world. Working with her over the years has been among my greatest blessings. Her style of leadership is unparalleled.

Every week I get the chance to work with the Janet from the Homeless Coalition, Martha at Sew Pretty, and my dear friend Shellie Johnson whose mad science experiment with me resulted in the Labelle Downtown Revitalization Corp. I’m grateful that this small company has given me the chance to work with some exceptional people like my mother, my sister Hallie, Ingrid, Sara, and Ryan. I’ve aimed to be the kind of boss that treated people with kindness and respect. These people inspire me as do my clients and friends. I’m leaving people out, I know. I don’t mean to. There are so many who have supported me, helped me, inspired me.

This year I’ve also had the chance to teach several courses at FSW and even design several in the public administration program. I’ve also had the chance to start teaching at SNHU which has been a wonderful experience.

I’m grateful to people and this community for their support for sustainability, the summit, and the burgeoning forum for discussion about important local and regional ideas. I’m grateful to my wife who stands by me and who is the best mother for our two children. I’m grateful my grandmother is still alive and the fact that she and my grandfather seem to have warmed through the Gospel.

I share all of these things because I know there is nothing exceptional about me, no redeeming quality in my sinfulness. But I look on these things in my life and I recognize and realize the deeply personal blessings my Savior has lavished on me.

There have been trials and there will be more, but tonight I am grateful for this year.

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