Inherent Worth

Christians defy all characterization. They also fit many molds. It is part of the dual-nature of those who have been called to Christ, enabled by the Father who planned before the creation of the universe to save them for heaven. Now, what does that mean??? Many times we are characterized especially when we are caught in sin. We are often viewed as hypocritical, liars, and false. Lots of times, this may be an accurate characterization; but it is definitely not the only attribute that we have.

Essentially, the bible has a God-focus with Christ coming through, as one theologian put it, “as the high note in the harmony.” John 3:16 clearly illustrates this point: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life”.

Well, first of all, what do we know about the world? Much and much more as we live here.

The world is full of horrible, terrible things. Our world is the very pit of depravity; the culmination of all things in this world is death, decay, and rot. Even our “best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley” (go wrong often). In the end, the grave welcomes us all; death never has its fill. Each of us dies and is forgotten.

Depressing, isn’t it? Now boil it down deeper. The world is full of these terrible, difficult people. Yet, it might be more appropriate to say that the world is full of individuals. Even closer to the mark: the world is full of “you’s” and “me’s”. The world is full of “others”, but each other is another “you” and me” in a different context. Each one of us is full of the total and entire depravity that we inherited, simply by being human. We, human beings, are full of the very stuff that makes the world such a rotten place. Even the best, most honest man harbours an inner sinfulness that can monentarily and fatally destroy his life.

Whew! That’s nuts. That’s such a grim way of looking at things. If you’re saying that, then you’re like me because I continually return to how difficult even the best of life can be. But, if you’re focusing on that alone, you’re listening to the wrong song and will never notice the high note in the harmony that has come to us all.

Jesus. Simply put, that name sounds and resounds the highest joys in our hearts as Christians. The focus shifts; we don’t look inside anymore; our shortcomings and failures are absorbed in the life, death and resurrection of the Messiah (Chosen One). No longer do we need to focus on our own inner and outer horrors; we can look at the saving grace of love in action. The very love that inspired God before the world began to save the you and me is the motivation that caused him to love every individual that lives on earth.

Inherent Worth. That is what I titled this entry, but it may be deceiving if you only read the title. The point is that we don’t have inherent worth apart from Jesus. After Jesus has worked trust in God through the Holy Spirit in the words of the bible, we have the highest value. We try not to be decieved in this when things are not going well. We are shining out “like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life” (Phil. 2:16).

Our inherent worth depends nothing on us: not our job performance, work ethic, good deeds – not anything we do. It is a reflection of the love and grace that God shines down on us. In all things, God is glorified. We inherit worth, and become priceless to God because of how much he cares.

Now, most of these blogs have focused on me. If you are one of the two readers that actually read this, then you may have noticed that this post focuses less on me, and more on doctrine. While I may agree with you to some extent, I hope to be able to write more like this: about the grace of God outside of trials. The grace of God that reveals the end game; because in the end, Christianity and Grace are all about eternity and how much Jesus wants you and me to share it with him.

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