I have a saying: “the harder you work, the harder you work.” Nobody gets it.

No matter how I intone my voice or even explain it, I really don’t think it makes sense. The sane person would drop it and use a cliche. The rest would really be no the worse for wear. I don’t because I am tenacious in almost everything I do. My wife calls me an extremist.

The point I mean to make is that the harder you work the more responsibility you gain and the more work you are given. It’s great for capitalist thinkers; doesn’t jive in bureaucracies. The saying usually gains blank stares.

I say it myself in different occasions: when I’m proud or thankful. When I appreciate what I’m able to put my “hand to do” and meet with success. I say it to myself also when I’m tired and “heavy laden.” I say it to others as an encouragement. Does it make sense?

It does to me.

Does it help or actually encourage me? I don’t know. I wish it encouraged others.

What do you think?

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  1. A comment I used to hear when I served on WELS committees – “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

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